S. Cox

t’s makes my day when I see Sendero show up to do the lawn!!! Great job always!! 

Jeff G.

I have been using them for my lawn service for at least a  year now and  am very happy with the service.  This is the third (or maybe 4th) lawn  company I have had to do my yard and they are by far the best.  The also  do some awesome hardscape if you have the need.  I had a large  flagstone walk done fall of 2012 with a new flower bed along side and it  is beautiful.  Very good work.


Sendero designed and installed an outdoor patio and kitchen for us over  the summer. Great work, great design and my wife and I were more than  pleased with the end result. From start to finish, these guys were  professional and down to earth folks.

Scott T.

We had them build a playscape area for my son in the winter and I must  say they did an outstanding job!!! The owner of the company would come  out on a regular basis to make sure it was being built correctly and  that we were happy with the progress. They were done in a weeks time and  my son now enjoys going out there on a daily basis. They made playing  outside enjoyable for my family. We went from not being able to play in  our backyard to playing in it everyday in a weeks time. This company is  solid!!!  

Aspen Scalon

We have used these guys for 3 years now. They do the lawn maintenance  for our HOA, and a few of our neighbors too, so I was able to see the  work they did before hand (very helpful). They brought my lawn &  landscaping  back from the dead! Yard of the month 3X winner….(thank you  very much) The thing I like the most about them is that they handle it  all. They repair our irrigation system, planted some new trees, and in  August built a flagstone patio for my husband to grill on. Only having  to deal with one company makes it a lot easier. Staff has been helpful  and the guys that do the work seem to be polite. 

Suzie Kovach

Thank you so so much for the spectacular service.   So glad I could send  more business your way with the Cleghorn’s on Belford. I think they  have referred you guys as well. Yay, yay!   Y’all are the best!   

Grant & Vivian G.

I am writing to express to you how impressed I am with the work your crew did on my yards yesterday, 7/1/2019.

We have two adjacent lots. I asked, in March of this year, that your crew not mow the vacant lot so the Bluebonnets could grow and put on their show. By mid-June the show was over, except for the lot looking very 'snaky' and unkempt. I spoke with Kristina about having the crew resume mowing the lot.

They did a fantastic job of it, mowing the lot all the way to the road edge, cleaning up an unsightly mess that would have been in place until the county contractors came around to mow, whenever that might be. They actually mowed twice because the weeds and wildflowers were damp from the previous night's rain, and left a lot of tall stragglers/clumps after the first cut. They went back and cleaned up the stragglers/slumps. They also blew the clippings away from around all the trees so the trunks are nice and clean.

Thank you for sending such a dedicated, professional crew.

D. Connell

The landscaping looked fabulous for the party!!! Thank you for getting it done and so well done at that.